720 arguments, 4,160 kisses, 480 sex sessions and 3,650 tweets…

guerra de cama

What really happens between the sheets: Photograph by Jorge Miente


Dreamland, one of Britain’s leading bed manufacturer’s, created a study that reveals what goes on in the average bed:

The average bed will be the scene for 720 rows, 480 sex sessions, 3,650 tweets and 14,600 text messages.

We will spend 38 hours and 50 minutes talking on the phone and just over 70 days checking social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, sending 4,160 emails and 3,650 tweets during the ten-year lifespan of a typical bed.

The classic PR move got picked up in the Daily Mail, the Express, The Sunday Sport and The Western Daily Press amongst a plethora of online only titles.

It successfully turned something incredibly mundane and boring; the bed, into the centre of attention by attributing it to things people love talking about: Other people’s sex lives.

Could you do something similar?


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  • Anthony November 15, 2012 on 10:45 pm

    Yep so true! And where am I right now commenting on this blog??? In my bed! :)