The difference between a teacher and a guru


There are plenty of figureheads online, especially in the internet marketing sphere, that define themselves as ‘Gurus’. A guru is somebody that provides step-by-step instructions on how to achieve a certain outcome. They’ll produce online educational resources such as eBooks, podcasts, guides, blueprints (like my Twitter one), training webinars, email courses and more.

Gurus are seen as experts in their field because of their experience and knowledge. A guru is supposed to have tried every tool and method. They’re a self-appointed guinea-pig that you go to and pay for their results. Gurus are meant to save you time and money through their advice. To be a Guru, you have to be successful through what you teach.


Teachers mostly answer the Why’s over the How’s. They provide principles and core lessons that act as a guiding force in the long-term. Teachers help you create your own backbone, and are there for support when you need to be pointed in the right direction.

Teachers try to help you make sense of it all. They give purpose and clarity. Teachers learn from the past and shine a light on the future. They’re not bothered by the latest trend, because they know it is just a trend. The lessons of a Teacher last a lifetime and beyond. A Teacher is defined not by their own success, but by the success of their pupils.