Easy PR: How to get press coverage

Newspapers, magazines, radio shows, websites and TV programmes need expert opinions. You can be that expert. In the video above, I introduce HARO and teach you how to get press coverage.


  • Reporter Connection is another great tool to use (US).
  • Response Source is an agency level tool for the UK but you have to pay a subscription.
  • Gorkana is another paid agency level database and media platform for the UK.

Being mentioned in the press (for the right reasons) gains you:

  1. Credibility
  2. Exposure
  3. More leads
  4. More business

Keep reading to learn how to get press coverage, become a source for journalists, and solidify your position as an expert.

how to get press coverage

Are you on ready for some press coverage?

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HARO – Help A Reporter Out – is a free website that connects reporters to experts. Sign up, choose your area of expertise (see screenshot below) and you’ll receive daily emails with queries from reporters.

how to get press coverage

Choose your area of expertise in HARO


Reporters send you a summary of what they’re working on, and if that matches your expertise, you reply to them saying how so. This helps the reporter gain a credible source for their story, and it helps you get press coverage. Win-Win.

Here’s an example of a real query from CBS News,

2) Summary: Senior Citizens, Sex & STDs

Name: Brian Bingham CBS News Network

Category: Lifestyle and Fitness

Email: [email address shown here]

Media Outlet: CBS News Network

Deadline: 12:00 PM EST – 27 April


We are looking for men and women in the NYC-area (55+) to talk
about the rise in STDs amongst seniors. Must be available
Saturday afternoon for the shoot.


Who knows, maybe you sell condoms. Maybe you organise swinger’s events. Either way, here’s an opportunity to be an expert on national TV, delivered straight to your inbox. See how it’s not impossible to get press coverage? Just make sure to include your contact details when you send them an email.

There are 2 special things to note:

  1. Deadline – Reporters work on a very tight deadline. This query was sent one day before the deadline. You have to be available immediately.
  2. Controversy – News wouldn’t be news if it were dull and boring. Be ready to discuss delicate, controversial topics.

Networks on HARO:

Most of the TV news channels are American: ABC, CNN, CBS. Other news networks include FOX, Reuters and all of News Corporation. I’ve seen The Guardian on there a few times. There are hundreds of radio show requests (I featured on LBC), and websites galore (this is great for Google-juice too).


HARO sends out 3 emails per day, per selected area of expertise. If you follow my productivity strategies, you’ll know I’m an inbox zero man. To resolve this, create a subfolder in your email client and have HARO emails automatically go there.

Sign up to HARO and get some press coverage!

One last thing…

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Please share this article with those you feel will benefit from it. Surprisingly, not many people know about HARO. You should also consider using it the other way: Looking for sources. This is a great method to get people writing on your blog for free.

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Discussion — 5 Responses

  • Zsuzsi May 7, 2012 on 10:23 pm

    Thanks for the advices, I will use them in our marketing at Antavo!

  • Victoria May 28, 2012 on 6:22 am

    HARO can be great for landing PR opportunities but (and it’s a big but) most of the queries are USA/Canadian based which means it’s not great for UK folks. I still use it but I actually find Reporter Connection to be better.

    Also, tweeting journalists and following up with an email works quite well too.

    • Tom Church Victoria May 30, 2012 on 5:25 pm

      Hi Victoria, thank you for making this article better! I will update the post to include Reporter Connection. Do you have any personal experiences of using it that you could share?

      Thanks again,

  • amazed August 3, 2012 on 3:35 pm

    Hi there, Would you know an equivalent website for France / Germany and Italy? Cheers

    • Tom Church amazed August 4, 2012 on 12:32 pm

      Hey I’m afraid I don’t know for those European countries. Opportunity for you to make one?