Kill the marketing stamp

When people first start looking online for marketing advice they’re swamped with things to do: Make a Twitter! Do it on Facebook! Keep a blog! Google! Upload YouTube videos! Advertising!

It’s like someone’s created a stamp with these words carved into it and every new business that comes along gets it pressed on their forehead.

But that doesn’t fit for every business. Should a laundromat really keep a Twitter profile? Should a bailiff company create a Facebook fan page?

If you just do it because everyone says you should, then you’re missing the point and will get bad results. Having no profile is better than having a dead profile.

To know what and where to market, ask yourself these two questions:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • Where is my target audience?
When your washing machine breaks down and you need a local laundromat, will you turn to Twitter? No. When your business requires professional bailiff services, will you go to Facebook? No.
Flip your thinking and start looking through the eyes of your customer.

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