I help businesses grow. This is achieved through a variety of mediums. For instance, I organise monthly business networking events so that people can find their perfect teammates and build a successful brand. I deliver workshops teaching how to increase your presence on Google, how to gain investment, how to build a brand… and more. I create websites, manage online reputations, work with individual companies on a one-to-one basis, and even help film promotional videos. As you can imagine, my week is pretty varied. Here is a list of testimonials for a variety of these things.

Advising How To Increase Website Ranks On Google

Thoughtful, useful, precise and insightful. I’m up for a 2nd session. – Melina Goad

With a subject as tough as SEO we had a great workshop. Thanks to Mr Tom Church. He made it understandable, easy and relaxing. Great delivery… Thanks again Tom – Mathy L-M

The workshop exceeded my expectations! It was fast paced and very informative… I have a ton of tips and tricks I can use to get my website seen online. Tom is a great facilitator who was very patient and knows his stuff! – Paulette Williams

I was very pleased with this workshop. Tom ran it extremely professionally and was very knowledgeable about internet marketing. I’ve been to a few internet marketing workshops already, and was pleased to learn lots of new things/tips from Tom, which is very helpful. – Sonia Shah

I have been to quite a few of this kind of seminars about Google, web marketing and research etc etc etc, but this is the one and only where everything was perfectly organised, understandable and easy to follow. Thank you, Tom! – Irina Bragin

Working with Fulham Osteopaths

Thomas quickly became part of our team. He brought creativity and new ideas to his role … at Fulham Osteopaths, thereby helping to develop this role. He was reliable friendly colleague, he provided both excellent customer care, and excellent administration. He always took great care with the fine details of balancing end of day accounts,and issues of confidentiality. He is a remarkable young man, and would be an asset to any company that he wished to work with. Our team misses him and wishes him every success in all his future endeavors. –  Melinda Cotton

Multi tasking and reliable, Tom can be trusted to do what he says he will do. – Andy Cotton

Advising How To Increase Brand Reputation Online

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert - James Harrison

Managing Business Networking Events

Tom is a great host and puts a lot of effort in to make this MeetUp more than just a social event. – Ted Fjallman

Excellent event…shame I couldn’t stay for longer. Thank you Tom :) Shamila Mhearban

Great mix of people from all kinds of backgrounds, very well organised by Tom, and I won a cool book! Cheers! – Anthony Silver

Great event to network. invited workmates to join the group. – Kobi Rohman

It was a very productive hour indeed for me (well, I managed to miss the first two and a half hours!) spent sharing ideas with a very interesting and inspiring bunch of people. Future LS group events come highly recommended. – Richie Bayles

Really nice bunch of people with lots of cool ideas. – Carlos Saba

Great meetup, great people. – Simone Silvestroni

Excellent – was able to get useful advice and information. – Rosalind Stewart

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