Video Content: The Yacht Week Shows Why

This video is the only marketing The Yacht Week has ever really done. With 2 million+ views, it’s all that’s its ever needed.

Video Content: The Yacht Week Shows Why You Should Do It

Cresting the waves of Greece and the British Virgin Islands every year are 91 yachts full of young people. They’re taking part in The Yacht Week, a very successful event/business that involves teaching how to sail, serving beer, and encouraging pirate raids, parties and hanky panky between crews.

Always fully booked weeks before, The Yacht Week is in an envious position. As if getting to sail in the British Virgin Islands wasn’t enough, they get paid to do it too. But how did they achieve success?

Watch the video above, and you’ve got your answer. This official trailer has gained over 2 million views, shared amongst friends and watched in awe. That’s exactly how I came across it: A friend came over and said, “have you seen this?” That friend then went and produced his own equally amazing video here.

The official trailer ticks all the boxes:

  1. Shows something new
  2. Desirable
  3. You see other people like it
  4. Brand name
  5. Call to action

If you’re not already making video content, this example shows you why you should. A viral sensation can send wave after wave of new customers, or significantly boost the value of your brand. Look at how Coca-Cola used video for it’s sponsorship campaign of the Olympics (disclaimer: Coca-Cola is a client). But you don’t need such a big budget – that’s where good internet marketing comes into play, and for that you should read some Ryan Holiday.

One last thing…

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